Widget Components Breakdown

Below you’ll find a breakdown of all the main widget components to make life easy.


Smartlinks are the best way to help users navigate the widget without having to manually flick through the filters.

Click HERE to learn how smartlinks work.


Widget Mode

The Scoop Widget has 3 main modes,

  • Discover (the standard mode which is the default)
  • Recommended (recommend a list of listings of your choice to all users)
  • Favourites (display user’s favourite lists which they have saved on their own accounts)

Click HERE to learn more about the recommended widget mode.


Primary Filters

  • WHERE filter for selecting the location
  • WHAT filter for selecting the type of listing

Click HERE to learn more about the Primary & Secondary Filters


Secondary Filters

  • FEATURES to select the feature you want
  • CATEGORIES to select the categories you want


View Mode

  • Grid View
  • Map View
  • Trails View


Example of the widget above