Web Development

Stunning, flexible, fully-supported and easy-to-use websites with integrated Widget functionality

Scoop is able to provide sophisticated WordPress websites with fully-integrated widget functionality. Our focus is on providing clients with an effective end-user solution, taking into consideration industry and end-user factors such as content, resources and skill-levels.

By using popular, widely-available technology, we are able to provide stunning websites with advanced functionality that are easy for clients to manage and maintain. Integration of the Scoop Widget makes it possible to seamlessly integrate millions of dollars in content and world-leading technology.

Our hosting, performance-management and support services ensures your website is maintained at an optimal level and has the support you need to leverage the rich content and powerful technology at your disposal.



Scoop websites are developed in WordPress, the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS), used to build more than 75 million websites world-wide. Most of our websites are built using a popular theme called Divi. Their modular-approach and advanced content-management tools provide a high degree of flexibility and make it relatively easy for non-tech users to modify design, update content and add new sections and pages as required. It also makes it relatively easy for clients to have their websites hosted and maintained by an alternative provider.

Themes, Plugins & Applications

We work extensively with carefully researched WordPress themes and plugins plus specialised applications such as Localize (translation) and the Scoop Widget. This ensures that each section on each page of your website is a carefully, pre-designed module and each piece of functionality has been tested and trialled to ensure it is fit for purpose and the software is independently maintained and optimised for high-performance on multiple combinations of devices, browsers and screen sizes.

This approach allows us to leverage tens of thousands of man-hours in development and to provide stunning design and the latest technology at a fraction of the cost. It provides a high-degree of flexibility and allows us to source new plugins and applications to meet future requirements.

Scoop Widget

Scoop websites often include the use of the Scoop Widget. The Scoop Widget makes it possible to make fully-customisable content and advanced planning and marketing tools available on your website. Scoop Widget licensing fees are most often incorporated into the monthly ‘hosting, support, performance-management’ fee.

Translation Services

Localize is a cloud-based translation service that allows to translate the widget into Chinese and in future, other languages. All of the filters and much of the widget content has been professionally translated and the remaining content is machine-translation. This is a standard option when licensing the widget.

It is possible to extend this translation service to the rest of your website as well as have your existing and on-going content professionally translated. The cost of machine-translation is most often included as part of your hosting fee (below). Professional translation is an additional fee and if required, will be noted as part of your agreement.

Hosting & Support

Hosting, Performance-management and Support Packages make Scoop 100% responsible for ensuring your website is operating at an optimal level at all times. Services include hosting, security, support, updates and performance-management.