Web Developers & Consultants

Providing content-marketing and tech solutions to consultants and web developers

Scoop’s core business is technology and content licensing & maintenance. Our preference is to provide, train and support 3rd party web developers, marketing and PR consultants in the use of our technology so they can provide these services and benefits direct to their clients.

Working With Web Developers

The Scoop Widget is a relatively easy technology to work with and integrate into client websites. Detailed documentation, training and support is available as well as consultant services to determine the most suitable application on a client by client basis. A standard licensing fee will apply.

Some government and peak body organisations are considered critical to the success of the Connecting WA model. For these clients, Scoop seeks to create on-going partnerships and therefore reserves the right to work with them directly or collaboratively with agencies. This can be discussed on a case by case basis

Working With Marketing & PR Consultants

The Scoop Widget and related content creates myriad opportunities for new marketing and promotional opportunities for clients. With appropriate training and support, Marketing and PR Consultants can learn how to use these tools and create significant value-added opportunities for the clients.

Creating New Pages

New pages with the integrated widget can be easily set up to display pre-filtered content and smart-links focused on specific categories of content e.g. by location; events related to a festival such as Fringe; activies such as surfing showing surf breaks, tours and schools; Aboriginal experiences such as galleries, tours and accommodation.

Customised Itineraries & Trails

Creating and sharing customised itineraries and trails is an effective way of adding value to clients, marketing the destination and industry and cross-promoting with local operators.

Marketing Campaigns

Content can be used in conjunction with social media and EDM campaigns as a means of attracting repeat and new clients to your business. Content can also be factored into automated processes such as emails confirmation of booking or purchase and hotel check-in and check-out.