Powerful tools for University arts and events program and international marketing

Scoop Digital’s Guides content and technology provides universities, educational and training facilities with a competitive edge when appealing to foreign students, plus a unique communication tool for supporting arts and events and increasing engagement with students and community.

Arts, Events Promotion & Student Engagement

Universities are complex environments comprised of multiple schools and departments typically working in isolation with their own event guides and marketing strategies. This makes it difficult to provide a cohesive communication strategy and centralised, comprehensive guide to arts, events and culture able to work in complex multi-department IT environments.

Arts, Events & Culture

Scoop’s Guides and Widget technology makes it possible to license school-specific content to each of the individual school websites, allowing them to maintain their brand and market control, while providing all content to a centralised hub website and/or app.

Marketing & Promotion

The added advantage is that all content entered into the Scoop Guides, including events, galleries and museums, are also distributed through a network of over 30 affiliate websites. So, by doing no more than adding events for their own university website(s), free access is provided to hundreds of thousands of potential new public clients for university events and cultural attractions.

Internal Events

Using the same technology, it is possible to establish a separate university-only events guide for events which are not for the general public, such as graduations and student-only events. By using the same technology, the university is able to easily integrate fully-customisable content on websites and pages across the university, providing a seamless universal communication solution.

Competing For International Students

Universities operate in a highly competitive global market, competing with multiple institutions to attract international fee-paying students. When making a decision, parents and students consider both the destination and the university, referring to education advisors and digital sources for information.

Most universities have limited destination-promotion content and little more than surface-level promotional material in Chinese and other key languages. The lack of appropriate content makes it difficult for non-English speaking parents, the key decision-makers, to do their research.

Integrating the Scoop Widget and bilingual content into the university website can provide a powerful competitive advantage and valuable marketing tool to be used when communicating with decision makers, influencers such as education advisors and at international educational expos.

A Vibrant, Foreign Student-friendly Campus

As outlined above, by integrating the Scoop widget into the University website, we can provide the university with a multilingual directory, currently in Chinese and English, to campus arts, events and community facilities.

This provides current and prospective students, and their parents, with a native-language guide unlike any other university in Australia, with the option to integrate with local native-language clubs and associations, promoting the university as a vibrant academic and cultural hub for foreign students.

Currently, all filters are professionally-translated into Mandarin Chinese and general content machine-translated, with the option for professional translation of key university content using cloud-based translation tools.

Global, Innovative & High-Tech

Parents and students want to attend a university which is globally-orientated, innovative, high-tech and able to cater to the needs of foreign students. These are all critical decision-making factors when selecting a university. Providing a highly sophisticated, professionally translated guide to the university and the city, along with cutting-edge planning and sharing tools and cloud-based translation functionality, helps position the university ahead of the competition.

An Exciting Cultural Hub

Destination-promotion is equally important for parents sending their children to live for three or more years, often with the view of gaining permanent residency and making a life here. It is possible to license Scoop’s Guide to Perth and WA and position the city as a vibrant cultural hub filled with myriad arts, events, museums, attractions and other cultural assets.