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More than 6,000 arts, events, travel, lifestyle and community operators are included on the Guides. The Guides are distributed to a growing network of websites and applications and viewed/searched more than 150,000 times per month.

Listings are free. Registering takes less than 2 minutes and allows you to create and manage multiple listings from a single platform. New listings must be approved before going live. Listings are reviewed twice daily on working days.

NOTE: Due to performance-enhancing caching, listing edits (and approved new listings) may take up to 6 hours to go live.

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Your listing appears on and more than 20 websites as part of the Connecting WA content distribution network. We aim to increase the number of websites to 150+ by June 2020, extending access to market from 100,000 to more than a million users per month. Websites include the following:

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