Technology & Content Licensing

Making rich, fully-customisable content and cutting-edge tech available to all websites in WA

Scoop content and technology is hosted in the cloud and available for licensing (white-labelling) to websites via the Scoop Widget. The Widget allows us to share this rich, fully-customisable content and cutting-edge functionality and planning tools with multiple websites, including the ability to create and share customised trails & itineraries as part of web, EDM and social media marketing strategy. To our knowledge, there is no similar platform available in the world able to deliver the same outcomes for industry.

Working With 3rd Party Developers

Scoop is able to provide web development services. However, for business who wish to maintain their existing web developers, we are happy to provide, train and support 3rd party web developers in the use of the Scoop Widget technology and provide our Content Management services separately. A standard licensing fee will apply.

Customisable Design & Integration

The widget can be seamlessly integrated into your website so that it looks and feels like native content. Colour, fonts and number of search results can all be modified. Filters, views, language translation, search bars and all other elements can be turned on or off. Additional view options for search results (including listings and catalogue) and size of each search result, will also soon be made available. The ‘headless widget’ option is useful for integration into home page design, such as the case with Business News and Awesome.

Rich, fully-customisable content

Scoop hosts the largest online guide to arts, events and travel, including more than 6000 events, attractions and operators across WA. Content is created by individual users and then reviewed and approved by the Scoop Content Team before going live. If a category or area of content is insufficient, the Scoop Content Team can review and update as required.

Real-time Content Feed
Content on your website is updated automatically with every search from a centralised database in the cloud, such that hundreds of daily updates and new content flow to your website daily. Minimal delays may result from performance-enhancing caching.
Daily Updated Content
Content can be updated directly by users via login and password and is further managed by the Scoop Content Team using centralised, scalable content tools to ensure content remains current.
Quality Control
All new listings are review and approved at least twice daily by the Scoop Content Team.
Customised Content
Content can be customised based on any combination of location, listing-type, category, feature and parent-links
Multiple Pages
The Widget can be loaded and customised for multiple pages on a single site
Memberships / Opt-outs
The ability to opt out individual listings allows for memberships models and total quality control
Websites can select and display custom groups of listings
Allows operators to create links directly to pre-filtered and bespoke lists e.g. customised trails, itineraries, recommendations, industry partners…
Deep Linking
It is possible to link directly to specified search results from within the website or external sources, such as email and social media
Translation Extension
Extending translation functionality to client website static content
Trails & Itineraries
Multiple customised trails & itineraries can be created and saved as smart links on your website, or by users to share with friends and families on email and social media and to Google maps on your mobile device, providing an amazing planning and sharing tool for locals and travellers

Cutting-edge public-user functionality

The widget is designed to load in less than one to two seconds; in-browser filtering is designed to load in 30ms.
Design based on best-practice user-experience guidelines
Fully responsive design for all screen sizes, devices and browsers
Designed for optimal performance behind the Great Firewall of China
Categories & Features
Able to be easily modified to suit industry requirements
In-browser Filtering
High-performance up to 30 milliseconds (1/30 of a second)
Faceted Search
Displays only available options, ensuring no null search results
Provides a unique same-page experience so the user can review rich content on 1000+ listings without leaving the page
GPS over-ride functionality allows for accurate positioning on Google maps
Cloud-based Translation
Almost instantaneous switching between multiple languages
Multiple Images & Video
Can be viewed in quick-view and full-screen mode
Booking Links
Booking links open a window to the client nominated website
Users can select and share favourites from multiple listing-types on email and social media
Multiple customised trails & itineraries can be created and saved as smart links on your website, or by users to share with friends and families on email and social media and to Google maps on your mobile device, providing an amazing planning and sharing tool for locals and travellers
Each listing has a QR code that when photographed provides directions on Google Maps from current location to the location of the listing.

Implementation & Maintenance

The widget is a modern web app that can be setup on your website with a piece of Javascript in less than 45 minutes. The Widget is technology-agnostic, meaning it will work with virtually any technology and provide a live data-feed, so content is updated automatically.

With the aid of training and detailed step-by-step user-guides, non-tech users should be able to perform most required functions, including setting up the widget on new pages, creating and saving customised trails, itineraries and smart-links. Detailed user-manuals are also available for IT managers wishing to implement more advanced functionality.

The Widget

Content can be customised to by region and listing-type. Smart-links can be used to direct users to pre-filtered content

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