Standard Widget Code – Smartlinks AND Recommended

In this example below, we will learn how to utilise the Recommended widget mode in a smartlink.


[widget-v2-html] data-prop-widget-mode=recommended data-prop-view=grid data-prop-region=western-australia data-prop-type=events data-prop-recommended-ids=102 data-prop-smartlinks=What’s On::?type=events;Accommodation::?type=accommodation;Subiaco Bakeries::?mode=recommended&selected=102 [/widget-v2-html]



  • If a smartlink is based on a recommended list (using the &select=102) then that list must also be included in the data-prop-recommended-ids.
  • In the example above list 102 is included in data-prop-recommended-ids AND data-prop-smartlinks


What it looks like