Scoop Widget Shortcode Generator

This generator can be used to generate a widget shortcode for embedding the widget on a page or post. Hints on how to use the generator can be found below the generator. For more detail please contact Scoop at [email protected].

Please enter license before choosing region & type.

Region: Tick to set the Region to Everywhere
Type: Tick to set the Type to Everything
Features: Tick to set the Features to Fixed
Categories: Tick to set the Categories to Fixed
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Widget Snippet Hints
Other Widget Data-Props

There are a number of other, more advanced Data Props for the widget, that can be manually added to the widget snippet code if required. You can see more information about the widget, including a full list of widget Data Props at Scoop Widget User Manual.

Generate Widget Snippet Code

Once you have entered all of your widget settings, click the Generate button to generate the widget snippet code. Click the Copy button to copy the code. The code should be placed on the relevant page or post on your website.