Helping peak industry bodies extend marketing dollars further with tech & content solutions

Peak industry bodies (e.g. Wines of WA, CACWA, Country Arts), clubs and associations (e.g. fishing, diving, surfing) are increasingly being asked to extend their services beyond lobbying and into marketing and digital promotion of their respective sectors. With limited funding and staff, developing and maintaining the required content and technology is an almost impossible task.

Scoop Digital is able to design, develop and maintain the website functionality, content and technology that peak bodies need, to provide an effective marketing strategy for their members. When combined with the networks and local knowledge of the respective peak bodies, it is possible to provide a highly effective all-of-industry solution. Here’s some examples of projects we have delivered.

Wines of WA

Australia’s only comprehensive and professionally translated Chinese and English winery guide, including the promotion of 350+ wineries and 10 wine regions, websites for regional wine associations, a centralised media library and distribution of content to 50+ local and international websites.

Country Arts WA

A sophisticated digital platform and website for the promotion of arts and culture in regional WA, including Aboriginal experiences and the promotion of 100+ regional arts organisations as part of the Country Arts WA network.

How We Can Help You

Website Development

Most peak body websites suffer from a lack of functionality, user-experience, planning and sharing tools. The Scoop Widget provides the required technology and the ability to fully customise content across multiple pages dedicated to different locations and/or categories of content. This provides the digital platform peak bodies’ need to engage with members, ensure industry content is updated and promoted through their website and the Scoop network to their target audience.


Updating members’ content in the cloud, and potentially professionally translated into Chinese, ensures the industry is well represented on the peak body website and to millions of users on the Scoop Content Distribution Network. This opens up further opportunities for local and international marketing campaigns by the peak body, members and 3rd parties.

Member Content

The second reason peak body websites and industry-wide initiatives fail is due to poor and incomplete content and the inability to encourage time-poor members to update their listings. By providing user-updated content with access to traffic on multiple websites across the Scoop content distribution network, users are motivated to update content and further supported by input and reminders from the Scoop Content Team.

Destination-promotion Content

Especially in regional WA, promotion of a single industry sector in isolation is only partially effective, as users want to see other events, attractions and places to stay when they visit. Comprehensive, region by region guides is part of the service