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Traditional media, including print and radio, are desperate to build traffic to their websites through which they can build audience engagement, sell additional services and provide further support for their traditional advertising clients. Scoop enables each media outlet to promote whatever aspect of their region or industry they wish and customise and curate content to suit the needs of their audience and their advertisers.

Conventions & Functions

Multiple venues and industry bodies in Perth and regional WA compete to host local weddings and functions, key international events, conferences and trade shows. Decisions are made based on the capacity of the organisation and the appeal of the destination. Scoop provides the capacity for destination-promotion but also to create customised trails and itineraries, and allow the client to create their own, helping to provide a significant competitive advantage over other venues.


Selling Perth and regional WA to a potential employee and their families is a critical part of the recruitment process. Providing a guide to the arts, entertainment, travel and attractions in the region helps with destination-promotion as well as impress the level of commitment to community engagement. This applies to recruitment agents and major employers including government, education facilities and the resources sector.

Real Estate

Location, location, location is the catch cry for all real estate agents and developers. The development of a cutting-edge website with integrated destination promotion is key to a successful marketing strategy. In addition to location-specific real-estate agents in Perth and regional WA, the Scoop widget can be fully integrated into major listing sites, such as REIWA. For developers, this can be used to promote new lifestyle opportunities as part of social media and email marketing campaigns e.g. “Here’s what you are missing this weekend in Margaret River…”

Event Venues

Venues have a vested interest in providing users with a detailed guide to what’s on at their venue and a list of local bars, restaurants and hotels. This is supported with dedicated landing pages on, additional search filters on the events guide network plus promotional packages for all events held at the venue. This raises the profile of the venue as a place to search for upcoming events plus credibility and value to promoters when searching for a venue e.g. Perth Concert Hall: