Local Government

Connecting WA provides local government in Perth city and regional WA with a unique, whole-of-industry, whole-of-city/shire solution. With local government support, we can provide all operators with free content, technology and market-access, at no additional cost to the individual organisation.

The result is a community-wide network of websites all showcasing the very best of the region, in English and Chinese, with world-leading technology, planning & sharing tools.

By allowing local government, business and community to collaborate and cross-promote, we create the potential savings and market value worth tens of millions of dollars.

Potential Services

Services may include any or all of the following:

  • Updating and maintaining content (arts, events, attractions, travel operators)
  • Updating and maintaining content for community organisations, including project and help-needed functions
  • New visitor centre websites and integration of content into the shire website
  • Making content, technology and support services available to all operators
  • Metrics showing traffic and other details on visitation to relevant listings

Potential Benefits

A significant competitive advantage for the shire and individual operators from being part of the most sophisticated content-distribution network and user-experience in Australia. Benefits extend beyond arts, events and travel to other sectors that rely upon destination promotion e.g. recruitment, education and real estate. Benefits include:

  • A complete content and digital solution
  • Free market-access to millions of new users
  • An immediate content and digital solution at no cost – considerable savings
  • Make it possible to list every operator, attraction and event in English and Chinese
  • Ensures the capacity for continual upgrades to stay ahead of competitive markets
  • Powerful digital market tools, including customisable trails & itineraries, able to be used for the purpose of destination and industry promotion


The cost of providing these services depends upon the size of the shire but will typically equate to the equivalent of one-half to one full time employee.