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Access 1 Million Users, Annually

Scoop Digital hosts the largest online guide to arts, events and travel in Western Australia, providing 6,000+ operators with free access to over 150,000 users each month.

More than 6,000 arts, events, travel, lifestyle and community operators are included on the Guides, which are distributed to a growing network of websites. These the websites of media brands, tourism destinations, associations and more.

The Guides are becoming increasingly interactive, with users able to create collections of their favourite content to share as lists, trails and itineraries. (Functionality launching July 2020).

Your Free Listing

Listings are free. Registering takes less than 2 minutes and allows you to create and manage multiple listings from a single platform. New listings must be approved before going live. Listings are reviewed twice daily on working days. NOTE: Due to performance-enhancing caching, listing edits (and approved new listings) may take up to 6 hours to go live.

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Premium Listings

Allow your listing to stand out, by investing in a premium position. Premium listings are available from $50 per month and can be booked in advance for a fixed or rolling period. Further promotional opportunities can be accessed via Scoop Digital’s media brands.


If you require help with uploading your listing, please email [email protected].

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Discover our business areas

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  • Scoop’s Media Brands
  • Consulting Services

Create a Free Listing

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Connecting WA

Where Your Listing Can Be Seen

Scoop Guides content is displayed on multiple media, peak industry body, government and tourism operator websites, helping to showcase 6,000+ listings to more than 1 million users every year, via our own media brands and a network of esteemed content licensees. 

There are several primary Guide categories available. Specifically, they are:

  • Accommodation (1,000)
  • Art Galleries, Museums & Libraries (500)
  • Business Events (50); Workshops & Short Courses (50)
  • Clubs & Associations (400)
  • Events (500-1000, season dependent)
  • Food & Drink (1,600)
  • Function Venues (250)
  • Movies (60); Shopping (250)
  • Places To Go (250); Travel Services (100)
  • Things To Do (1,000)
  • Wineries (400)

The Guides Functionality & New Technology

Scoop Guides can be filtered with extensive detail; geographically, genre, date and so much more. They can be viewed in grid or map view, with trails and list making upgrades to be rolled out in second half 2020.

  • Ability to make multiple lists of favourites
  • View these lists as trails or make itineraries
  • Build custom places to show in your lists, trails and itineraries
  • Share lists and trails with friends
  • Print itineraries of your custom lists and trails

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