How to get the Recommended ID?

Step 1) Login to the widget

Click the profile icon and follow the instructions to login to your account.


Step 2) Create a new list and add listings

Start by creating a new list, then for any listing which you would like added to your list, click the heart icon and select the list that you want it added to. Continue until all the listings which you want to recommend are in your list.


Step 3) Switch over to Favourites mode to view your list

Now to get the recommended ID we will switch to the favourites mode, where we can view all the lists created for this account. Click the “View my lists” drop down and select the list which you want to recommend.


Step 4) Open the secondary filter drop downs

Simply click on the down arrow icon on the right hand side of the secondary filters section, to expand it open.


Step 5) Find your Recommended ID to use for your data-props

On the left hand side, click the “Edit” button and feel free to input all the appropriate descriptions for your recommended list and make sure to set an image for your list. Once all the settings are set, look to the bottom left of the “Edit” pop-up window where you’ll find the Recommended ID. Copy this and save your list to exit out.

Example below: data-prop-recommended-ids=112


Step 6) How to set a smartlink for this recommended list.

Click HERE to learn more.