Hosting & Support

Stress-free, secure, high-performance and fully supported web solutions

Your website is made up of multiple parts developed by many different organisations and exists as part of a dynamic and rapidly changing environment. Technology, browsers, plug-ins, applications and devices constantly change, resulting in problems with compatibility and integrations, bugs, security risk and poor performance. There is no such thing as set and forget. Websites take time and money to host, maintain and support

Hosting, Performance-management and Support Packages make Scoop 100% responsible for ensuring your website is operating at an optimal level at all times. For a fixed monthly fee, they mitigate risk and avoid being hit with a significant unbudgeted expense when something goes wrong. Working with the world’s most secure and sophisticated hosting platforms, we take care of all on-going maintenance and monitoring to ensure your site is updated, secure and operating at an optimal level at all times. In the event there is a problem, we fix it. If you need assistance and support, we are available, without charge.

Hosting & Support Services


Your website is hosted on two of the world’s most secure and high-performance hosting platforms (WP Engine and Microsoft Azure), both with premium-level packages. Your site is secure, monitored and backed up daily. Scoop Support Team phone and email alerts are in place if performance drops below a set threshold. More details on the hosting platforms below.


In addition to automated systems and research provided by Microsoft and WP Engine, Scoop ensures all elements of your website are updated as required and operating at an optimal level at all times. Security alerts and updates are acted upon immediately. When plug-ins and applications are updated, checks are made to ensure there are no compatibility issues with commonly supported browsers and devices; if there are, then they are resolved, even if that requires sourcing an alternative plug-in and/or recoding. This is critical when integrated software such as plug-ins and Google Maps are updated, often resulting in bugs and compatibility issues. All of this is done behind the scenes with you even being aware.


Pre-paid support ensures that if you have any queries, need assistance on creating or modifying content and leveraging the power of the Scoop Widget, we are available. It is important your team is free to ask without fear of being charged, as this often results in sub-optimal operating procured for the client. Unless otherwise stated, support is limited to providing assistance with performance-issues and assistance with queries on how to maintain the website and related functionality. It does not include on-going consulting and development services, which can be made available at an hourly rate.

Content & Technology Licensing

Hosting & support services will most often include content and technology licensing via the Scoop Widget, which includes on-going investment in increased functionality and future upgrades.

Hosting Platform

The quality of your hosting platform has a significant impact on the performance and security of your website. Scoop websites are hosted with WPEngine, regarded as the world’s leading cloud-based hosting platform for WordPress websites. Scoop websites are hosted on an independent virtual hosting platform, allowing for maximum security and optimum performance management.

The Scoop Widget and content is hosted with Microsoft Azure, one of the world’s two largest cloud-based hosting platforms. Microsoft Azure spends more than $US 1 billion on cybersecurity each year, which is why cloud-based hosting is considered the most secure solution.

3rd Party Access

Clients are provided with full access to their websites and are free to have their own designers and developers work on their website. Detailed support documentation is provided online. However, if extensive customisation does take place, this may impact on hosting and performance-maintenance costs. Further, Scoop maintains the right to veto plugins and apps that don’t meet our internal quality and security guidelines.


There are no lock-ins, so with 30 days’ notice, clients are free to host and maintain their WordPress websites independently of Scoop. At the point of transfer, Scoop relinquishes all responsibility for site-security and performance. In the event of hosting with an alternative provider, clients may need to secure licensing arrangements with 3rd party suppliers for applications and plug-ins previously covered by Scoop.

Future Development

Our support package ensures that if you require assistance with maintaining content and making changes, we can help. Further, Scoop will continue to explore and develop technology suited for the industries and clients with which we work and be made available for a set fee, with overheads spread across multiple clients. However, if significant development projects are required, these will be quoted and charged at an hourly rate.

What It Costs

The monthly cost of hosting, performance-maintenance, support and licensing may vary over time, depending upon the extent to which our services are required and the cost of providing said-services. Any potential variation to monthly costs will be notified and/or discussed in advance of changes being made. Monthly fees are subject to change by Scoop with 60 days’ notice.