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Connecting WA

The world’s leading FREE content-marketing network. The ultimate digital solution for arts, events, travel, local government and community in Western Australia

CONNECTING WA is a powerful, whole-of-industry solution, providing a rapidly expanding network of local government, visitor centre, hotel, media, peak body and travel operator websites with the rich content, cutting-edge technology and market-reach they need to compete in global markets.

Together, we provide more than 6,000 local government, small business, arts, events and community organisations with FREE access to millions of new users per year, helping to position WA as a vibrant hub for arts, events and travel. Our mission is to reach 1 million users per month in 2020. We invite all stakeholders to join us on this exciting journey.

The Network

The Connecting WA Network is supported by multiple media, peak body, government and business operator websites, helping to showcase 6000+ listings to more than 1 million users every year.

How It Works

Scoop has developed an enterprise-level digital platform making it possible to easily distribute rich, fully-customisable content and technology from the cloud to an infinite network of websites and popular digital apps. By working off a common content and technology platform in the cloud, we can provide superior content, functionality and marketing solutions for a fraction of the price.

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Add A Listing

The Scoop Guides represent more than 6,000 local events, attractions and organisations on the largest guide to arts, entertainment, community and travel in WA – almost double the size of Tourism WA and other competing directories. The guides are searched more than 100,000 times per month and traffic is growing fast. Listings are FREE, user-updated and centrally quality controlled. New listings take less than 10 minutes to create, so join up now.

Content & Tech Licensing

Rich fully-customisable content and cutting-edge technology can be seamlessly licensed (white-labelled) to your website to look like native content. This is made possible by Scoop’s unique, globally-scalable digital platform, able to provide your website with more powerful marketing and planning tools than Tourism Australia, including the ability to create and share customisable itineraries and trails as part of your web, social media and EDM marketing strategies.

Working With Aboriginal Communities

Scoop is a proud supporter of Aboriginal culture and endeavour. We work closely with peak bodies such as WAITOC to support individuals, community organisations and Aboriginal owned & operated businesses striving to be successful. Our support is best demonstrated through the promotion of Aboriginal businesses and organisations as showcased on and multiple WA websites. We invite all WA organisation to host this content on their websites.
Supporting Aboriginal Endeavour

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The Guides

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