A digital concierge for your website, with minimal outlay and no copywriting required!

Destination-promotion is critical to the successful marketing of any hotel or tourism business, and the most valuable asset a hotel has is its existing client base. Likewise, providing sufficient on-the-ground information plays a critical role in the guest experience.

Scoop provides the rich content and technology to make it possible to integrate the promotion of local events and attractions into web, automated booking systems, social media and email marketing campaigns.

The Scoop offer can be extended to the creation of customised itineraries and trails for potential and existing guests, so hotels can now leverage local events and attractions such as Perth Festival, Fringe, local wineries, aboriginal experiences and tours.

Through web, in-room TV and 24/7 touch-screen concierge services, local content can also be provided to guests while they are staying at the hotel, significantly enhancing the guest experience and encouraging repeat traffic while they are staying at the hotel.

There are three stages of application. Stage 1 and 2 can be fully automated and so require negligible resources. Stage 3 requires active use but offers the greatest ROI.

Generating significant ROI

Scoop content can be built into automated systems, such that stages 1 and 2 require minimal investment of time to generate a significant impact on additional room nights. For maximum benefit, content can be fully leveraged by building events and attractions into proactive email and social media marketing campaigns.


  • Add credibility to your website
  • Significantly improve destination-promotion
  • Establish your website as a go-to guide for the region
  • Provide your team with the content and tools they need to engage with customers


  • Increase the length of stay for existing guests
  • Increase the percentage of booking made direct through your website
  • Increase repeat and referral business through better destination-promotion
  • Increasing new business through social media market campaigns and referrals

Stage 1: Passive Content

It is quick and easy to install the widget on one or more pages on your website. This provides each websites with a comprehensive destination guide for potential and current guests.

Additional pages can easily be created to focus on specific events and activities e.g. FISHING (fishing sites, tours); Aboriginal Experiences (attractions, galleries, tours) etc.

Customised trails from source destinations (e.g. Perth) and within the region (e.g. heritage trail, wildflower trail, art trail, beach trail, walking & riding trail) can also be created.

Stage 2: Linking Content to Automated & Templated Emails

As part of the enquiry and booking process, most hotels have automated template responses built into their enquiries and booking processes. As part of this process, it is possible to set up links to event and attraction pages on your website. After setup is complete, this process can be fully automated, require no additional resources to manage.

There are three key opportunities for client contact and content integration:

  • Pre-booking: a templated email response for enquiries
  • Post-booking: automated email to confirm bookings and pre-arrival confirmation
  • Post-departure: automated email post-departure and regular newsletters

Online travel agencies such as Expedia also provide the opportunity to communicate with clients, increasing your opportunity to engage and encourage them to stay longer.

Additional routines, such as emailing recommendations and links to content based on the client profile provides additional opportunity for engagement and increasing length of stay.

Stage 3: Email & Social Media Marketing

With high-quality content you have the opportunity to actively engage with and encourage new and repeat business through social media and email marketing campaigns. This requires marginally additional resources but will create the best ROI.

Emailing key attractions, events and trails to your existing client base is the first step in encouraging repeat and referral business, and campaigns to convert business travellers to leisure travellers.

Quality content opens new opportunities to target new clients through social media and re-marketing campaigns. Targeted demographics are easy enough to target. Now, with high-quality content, it is possible to convert-market reach to bookings e.g.

  • Ideas for the school holidays e.g. 50 Holiday Ideas for Kids in Esperance
  • A guide to special festival pages e.g. Fringe Festival top 300 events; A Complete Guide to Gourmet Escape Events
  • Local attractions e.g. Top 10 Beaches in Esperance; 20 Top Surf Breaks in Margaret River
  • Trails e.g. Five Great Half-day Walking Trails Starting at the Front Door of Your Hotel