About Us

Connecting small business, local government and local communities with the global network

Scoop Digital

Scoop Digital is a digital media business providing whole-of-industry Content Marketing Solutions for industries working in fragmented market sectors, specifically arts, events & travel.

Scoop Publishing was founded in 1997. The first title, Scoop, was developed to help promote arts, events & cultural sectors in WA. Over 18 years, Scoop grew to become the leading magazine publisher in Western Australia, at its peak producing 15 quarterly and annual lifestyle, travel and homes magazines. When the print business closed in April 2016, Scoop Digital was created with a mission to develop a whole-of-industry digital solution for industries working in fragmented markets, focused specifically on arts, events and travel.

Core tech development and proof-of-concept was completed in early 2019 and the Connecting WA project was launched. Scoop now hosts the largest online guide to arts, events & travel in WA, providing more than 6,000 small businesses and arts and events organisations with free access to over 100,000 users per month.

The Scoop content-marketing network includes media, peak body, commercial and government websites is expanding rapidly. Our mission is to provide access to more than 1 million monthly users and expand into national and international markets in early 2020.

Supporting Local Communities

Scoop is a big believer in the importance of building and maintaining strong local communities, local government, local community organisations and small business.

By providing rich content, world-leading technology and market-reach, we can provide local communities with the tools they need to collaborate and compete in global markets.

Scoop’s model is simple: build rich content and cutting-edge technology in the cloud and make it available to all operators. This provides each operator with the rich content and technology they need for effective destination-promotion, the ability to leverage local arts, events and cultural attractions, and collaborate and cross-promote other local operators.

Social Policy

Scoop is a proud, equal opportunity employer. Our hiring criteria is based on attitude, character, experience and potential. We believe diversity and difference should be recognised, explored and celebrated. As a result, over time our team has included every possible combination of skin colour, ethnicity, language and religion.

We believe in a positive attitude, thick skin, good humour, hard work and focus on adding value to our clients and key stakeholders. This is what makes us proud of being Australian.

Aboriginal Policy

Scoop is a proud supporter of Aboriginal culture and endeavour. We list all known businesses and community organisations for free and work closely with peak bodies such as WAITOC to support individuals, community organisations and Aboriginal owned & operated businesses striving to be successful. We believe in positive engagement and a future that makes Western Australia a better place for all West Australians.

Our support for Aboriginal endeavours is best demonstrated through the promotion of Aboriginal businesses and organisations as showcased on scoop.com.au and multiple WA websites. We invite all WA organisation to host this content on their websites.

Internships & Employment

Over 21 years, Scoop has provided first-time full-time employment to many hundreds of youth and university graduates, as well as internships leading to employment with other businesses.

Scoop manages a highly successful internship program for final year students and university graduates wishing to gain valuable skills and experience in digital content, marketing and sales. Internships are for a minimum of 26 days, typically for two days per week over 13 weeks, but can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

Capital Raising & Global Expansion

Scoop is in the process of raising funds to accelerate the Connecting WA network across WA and rapid concurrent expansion into national and international markets. If you have an interest in investing in Scoop, please email [email protected]