Scoop Aboriginal Reconciliation Plan

Despite having a small team, Scoop allocates significant resources to supporting Aboriginal endeavour, education and engagement in the community. We believe we, like every business and organisation working in Australia, has an obligation to add value to the local and broader community, and specifically, the original occupants of this great country. Our initiatives include the following:

Our Community

Aboriginal Reconciliation Plan


Scoop hosts the largest online guide to arts, events, travel & lifestyles in Western Australia. As part of that process, we provide free coverage and actively seek out and update content related to Aboriginal-related events and organisations. As a result, Scoop currently hosts the largest online guide to Aboriginal owned & operated events and travel operations in WA, plus a large number of community organisations. These listings are displayed on multiple websites across WA and as at January 2020, were being searched more than 150,000 times per month e.g.


Scoop creates and distributes content across multiple platforms including websites, newsletters and social media, each week engaging with more than 50,000 locals. We regularly seek out and run stories in support of Aboriginal businesses and individuals achieving success in the local communities, driving significant traffic and revenue those organisations.


We are exploring opportunities to translate relevant pages of the Scoop website into Noongar and other regional languages, with the view of paying respect, raising awareness and helping keep these languages alive and relevant.


As a policy, Scoop will always look favourably on providing employment, training and internship opportunities to individuals with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander backgrounds.