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Feel like splurging on a little holiday but don’t have the time to travel further than down the road? Featuring spacious rooms overlooking iconic cityscapes, these five convenient and cosy spots will tick all the boxes for a relaxing getaway right here in the city. Experience the best of both worlds and discover our picks for luxurious staycations this winter.
The city of Fremantle is alive with music, gastronomic delights and a flourishing small bar scene. We’ve got the lowdown on three of the best places to sample this classic Italian aperitif via mixologists who really know their cocktails.
Only a half-hour road trip from Perth, the Swan Valley is the ideal day trip location. We've used Scoop's Favourite Feature to select a dreamy itinerary of things to do, a couple of wineries to check out and some delish foodie treats to refuel. So fire up the group chat and get your mates together for fun packed (relatively boozy) trip to Swan Valley.
Food festivals, craft fairs and rodeos, Avon Valley is host to a wonderful array of events the whole year round.
The country cuisine offered in this region is deliciously fresh, produced and served by proud, hospitable locals.
The perfect destination for a last minute break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Explore country towns, potter through local shops or museums, picnic on the banks of the Avon River or hot air balloon at dawn to take in the beautiful scenery.
Whether family fun activities, pumpkin festivals, intriguing rodeo shows or arts events – this region has it all! You'll never be short of things to do in Mandurah & surrounds all year round.
A short train ride or an hour’s drive down the freeway and you’ll reach the stretching white sand coastline and rugged terrain of the Darling Scarp. The region offers a wide variety of activities for adventure lovers with its vast waterways and stunning Jarrah Forests. Or if you prefer a relaxing outing with time to unwind and regroup, there’s plenty of wineries, cafes and leisurely walking trails to explore.
Experience a country charm across the character townships of the vibrant Perth Hills.
Take advantage of the Perth Hills' many picturesque wineries through a series of wine trails and routes.
Hiking, camping, cycling and rock climbing, Perth Hills is a nature lovers dream.
Situated a mere 30 minute drive out of Perth, Swan Valley is the ideal location for a day trip away. Take advantage of the close proximity to experience the fantastic array of annual events the Swan Valley has to offer, from food and drink festivals to rock concerts among the vines.
Foodies will love Perth’s Valley of Taste, with its picturesque fertile plains and abundance of epicurean delights.
Visitors are spoilt for choice by the food, wine and stunning views that typify the region. With its wide-open spaces, vineyard vistas and plenty of fresh country air, the Swan Valley is the perfect place for a walk or cycle to take in the superb history of the region.
Just 20 minutes north of the CBD on the Sunset Coast, the City of Wanneroo boasts 32km of unspoilt beaches, two picturesque marinas, endless water-based activities, intriguing historical sites and many of the state’s pristine and accessible nature reserves, including Yanchep National Park. You can explore dunes, limestone cliffs and bushland, beautiful walking trails and native animals, helicopter flights, race tracks and locally grown foods.
The Avon Valley offers an authentic country lifestyle experience, with wide-open farmlands, welcoming locals and an iconic history that will leave a lasting impression. Situated an hours drive from Perth city, it’s the perfect day trip for lovers of gourmet foods, local wildlife and outdoor adventure.
Just an hour’s drive south of Perth, the darling scarp melts into the Indian Ocean. So begins the love affair between western Australia’s land and water, where rivers flow through the dense forest and outback vistas, and pristine beaches curl up beside charming seaside towns.
The Perth Hills provide everything you want from a country escape: scenic, winding drives, friendly owner-operator service, hearty local produce, hundreds of walking trails, intimate B&Bs and pristine national parks.
Think gourmet goods, local wine and unique regional art amongst the fresh valley air and pretty vistas, all a short drive away. The charming Swan valley has something to keep everyone in the family happy, grab a handful of chocolate drops from the Chocolate Factory, a tasting paddle from an award winning cider house or sit amongst the vineyards with a picnic.
Everybody’s favourite place to escape, the sandy, car-free isle of rotto, has been winning the hearts of visitors for more than a century. Take a short boat trip across the turquoise waters and pick up your hire bike to explore the island at your own pace.
Markets, restaurants, breweries, bars, history - you'll find it all in Fremantle. Known for its maritime history, the port city is also home to the Fremantle Prison, which housed convicts from the 1850s to 1991, and the Round House, an 1831 building which also briefly served as a jail. If you're chasing a good feed, the cappuccino strip is home to numerous Italian restaurants, Mexican joints, and pubs, while the port hosts a brewery and fish & chip shops. If you're after some local crafts, a trip to the Fremantle Markets is always great value.

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